Stamping Facility


Technico has state of art press shop which includes..

  • Progressive
  • Tandem
  • Fine Blanking


Technico has installed 10 Progressive lines tonnage 160T - 630 Ton. Which is capable to stamping 0.8mm - 6mm thickness & rew material having tensile range of 270Ts ~ 980Ts. Which makes us capable of providing hish volume production with quality standards.


Technico has 35 Nos of mechnical presses. Tonnage range 68 ton ~ 200 ton.

Fine Blanking

400 Ton Fine Blanking press from Feintool.

Our passion for improved customer service has driven us to further strengthen the sheet metal Press Shop.We have recently added progressive press lines adding to already existing fine blanking press lines and new tandem press lines.